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Gold Bohemia - Boris Doškář

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Gold Bohemia,painting on glass Nový Bor,decoration of glass
glass half-finished products,liqueur services,drams,bowls,table fitting

Dear business friends.

Let me introduce you our company in advance.

My name is Boris Doškář. My wife Zofia Doškář and me own the painter ´s workshops where we decorate glass products by a high enamel technology. Our family has been working with glass for many years. My father is an important glass specialist. My mother (her maiden name was Ziml) comes from an ancient glass family of the Zimls, which has been interesting in production and glass refining for almost 150 years. The company Ziml and comp. was nationalized in 1948, and it had 50 employees by that time.
Our company Gold Bohemia-Doškář was founded in early 1990s. We decorate glass half – finished products (liqueur services, drams, bowls, table fitting, jars, vases, ice - trays, ashtrays, bowls, beer services, tea services, mocha services, little bells, plates, candlesticks and the like) especially by a high enamel technology. High quality and surprisingly reasonable price – this is our business policy.
In case of more interest, please contact us at the address mentioned on the upper part of the web. Thank you for your visit on this web site and we look forward to further cooperation.

Boris a Zofia Doškář

jars,vases,ice-trays,ashtrays,bowls,beer services,tea services
mocha services,little bells,plates, candlesticks,CZ,Czech republic